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Backtest Your Strategies

Run your own backtests of option strategies in minutes using all the available historical data we have and see how they performed.

  • Multiple testing durations
  • Exit ahead of expiration
  • Adjust trade frequency
  • Avoid earnings reports
  • Profit & stop-loss targets
  • Set custom allocations

Compare Multiple Strategies

Test multiple capital allocations simultaneously, tweaking position sizes and max risk to optimize future automated bots.
  • Adjust starting capital
  • Side-by-side results
  • Test multiple allocations
  • Percentages or dollars
  • Vary position sizing
  • Re-run strategies easily
100% No Code

Option Alpha was built so you never have to learn how to code anything to use it.

Cloud Scaling

Our tech stack lives in the cloud so we're always up, always on, ready to scale.

Strict Security

We conform to the most stringent industry standards to protect you.