Course Description

This is a course for professional / Full time option traders with capital > 20L.

More focus will be on System Trading, Money Management, Risk Management and mindset needed for system development.

Will be teaching Option Selling Strategies which are used by us and how to think while developing trading strategies.

Pre-requirement is knowledge of options basics and basic understanding of Options strategies.

What you will learn?

1. Advanced Basics

  • Advanced Option Greeks
  • Introduction to Capital Management
  • Advanced Understanding of Straddle / Strangles
  • Maths behind straddle / Strangle Selling
  • Evolution of straddle trading

2. System Trading

  • System Trading Mindset
  • System Development Process

3. Intraday Strategies

  • Strategy 1: Super Simple Straddle
  • Strategy 2: Straddle selling hedged way
  • Strategy 3: Advanced time based straddle
  • Strategy 4: Intraday option buying Strategy
  • How to control drawdowns in intraday trading strategies.

4. Positional Strategies

  • How to manage risk of overnight positions
  • Strategy 1: Strategy for overnight positions
  • Strategy 2: Process for investing in stocks
  • Strategy 3: Ratio Strategy
  • Strategy 4: Positional strategy for taking advantage of IV Rise [with rule based adjustments]

5. Capital Allocation

  • Effective Capital Allocation Method
  • How to achieve optimum capital utilisation with lower risk
  • How to compound your capital

6. Tools of Titans

Important tools used by option traders


26-27 March 10AM to 5.30PM


8500 INR

FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

This course is for Full time traders, traders aspiring to become system traders.

This course is suitable for traders with capital more then 20 Lacs.

Yes, we will be sharing various intraday strategies along with back-test results of those strategies. More then strategies we will be sharing logic behind all rules and how strategy development process takes place.

All strategies are completely Rule based and can be executed by Algo.

Our first objective always been controlling the risk and Returns are by-product of the risk management & process. We will be sharing strategy rules with past returns generated which are in excess of 24% annualised conservatively. But caveat is past performance not indicative of future returns.